Herbal Hair SPA Kit (Hair Oil, Hair Shampoo, Hair Mask Powder)

Ayutma presents to you the happy hair kit to make your hair feel more special with its utmost essence of nourishment!! Give your hair a treat with a touch of ayurved in it. This organic hair care kit gives you the best time to take care of your hair for its thick growth and nourishment.


Why to use Hair Spa Kit?

To obtain complete natural hair spa treatment at home, use SPA Kit. It takes care of your hair problems and prevents hair related issues. Hair Spa Kit becomes a synonym for the solution of hair care problems! Ayutma improves your hair texture with its special hair care kit and helps you in fighting against psoriasis and eczema!!


Direction of Use :
Get a precious hair locks and enjoy Salon Style Luxurious experience with this following premium Ayutma's Ayurvedic Hair Spa Therapy

Hair Oil Massaging: Take Ayutma's Hair oil and apply on clean scalp. Partition your hair and give a gentle massage fo your scalp in a circular motion for about 3-5 mins. Oil the hair through the whole length. Leave it for 5-10 mins. This massage penetrates oil to your hair roots and improves blood circulation.
Hot Towel Steam Therapy: Take a thin towel and dip it in a hot water. Squeeze out excessive water and wrap this hot towel ground your head and leave it for 10 - 15 mins. This therapy nourishes the hair and improves blood flow to hair roots.
Hair Washing with Shampoo: Wash off your hair with Ayutma's Hair Shampoo, fill the oil goes off. Use a cold or lukewarm water as hot water may cause dandruff and waken the roots. Cleansed hair gives good results in Hair Spa therapy.
Hair Mask: Take Adequate amount of Ayutma's Hair Mask powder according to your hair length, gradually add lukewarm water, mix well and make a thick paste. Start applying hair mask on the scalp and then apply to the length of your hair. Disperse the mask evenly through the hair using gentle massaging motion. Keep it on for 30-40 mins and wash it off with water. It nourishes the hair and offer proper nutrition they need.
Hair Washing with normal water: Wash off hair with just water. It helps the mask to work better on your hair throughout the day.
Hair Washing with Shampoo: Next Day you can wash your hair with Ayutma's Shampoo. Experience the changes in your hair.

Try this above Hair Spa treatment with following steps once a week for best results.
Use Ayutma's Hair Oil and Shampoo Daily for better results.

You will get the products in Special Kit box with Hair Mask Bowl & Transparent hand gloves free.

(Please Note: DO NOT add any other additives in hair mask powder, add only water)


Ayutma provides you with the best happy package for your hair care and detoxify your hair by providing it with the best care with little more compassion!! When it comes to your hair, be more responsible enough to give the best in all aspects! Ayutma gives your hair the best care and promote scalp health with utmost attention and concern! Controlling and preventing premature greying of the hair is a vital characteristic of Ayutma Hair Care and for this, we call you to add Ayurvedic hair care to your daily routine! Preferring Ayurvedic hair care over any chemical products give you the advantage of providing your hair with the best herbal remedies.


Trust Ayutma for your hair because we care for you!