AYUTMA 10+Herbs Almond Hair oil

Ayutma Ayurvedic Hair Oil is the best product with its refined quality of taking care of dry hair by giving it special care and providing nutrients for hair growth! Ingredients used to prepare this effective hair oil includes:

▪ Goodness of 10+ Herbs processed with 100% coconut oil.

▪ Heena

▪ Brahmi

▪ Aloevera

▪ Methi

▪ Amla

▪ Jaswand (hibiscus)

▪ Coconut Oil

▪ Betel leaf

▪ Methi seed

▪ Kalonji seed

▪ Bhringraj

▪ Sarso oil

▪ Kapoor oil

▪ Almond (Fragrance)


How does Ayutma Hair Oil help you!?

With its Advanced hair oil formula, Ayutma Hair Oil is the ultimate natural solution for all your hair problems! Hair Loss, Dry Hair, Split Ends, Frizzy Hair, Dull Hair, Grey Hair, all these issues could be solved by the natural power of Ayutma Hair Oil!


How to Use Ayutma Hair Oil?

Step 1: Apply Ayutma Hair Oil on the tip of your finger and massage it gently on the scalp of your head for 5-10 minutes. By doing this, the nutrients in the oil will be absorbed by the scalp for its betterment.

Step 2: Leaving the hair oil on the scalp overnight will help giving better nourishment to the hair. Applying the hair oil 1 hour before the hair wash is advised.

Step 3: Washing your hair with Ayurvedic Ayutma Shampoo will help to cleanse your scalp, remove excess oil, dirt and unwanted build-ups from the scalp.


Trust Ayutma for your hair because we care for you!